Sick/Fit Note Certificates

Requesting a sick note

If you've been off sick for more than 7 days

To request your first sick note:

  • Contact us online using Patchs
  • Phone the surgery from 11am to 4pm

If you’ve been off sick for 7 days or less

If you're off work sick for 7 days or less, your employer should not ask for medical evidence that you've been ill. Instead, they can ask you to confirm that you've been ill. You can do this by completing this form we call this self-certification 

Find out more about sick notes on the NHS website. When do I need a fit note? - NHS (

Charges for fit notes

There is usually no charge for providing a fit note if you are off sick for more than seven days.

Some employers may request a fit note (e.g. from employees who repeatedly take time off sick) even if they are off work for seven days or less. This is a private non-NHS medical certificate.

For sickness of seven days or less, a charge of £20 is payable in order for us to provide a certificate.

Extending a sick note

When your sick note runs out, you can request for it to be extended:

Sometimes the doctor might say you need a review before they can give another sick note. We will arrange an appointment for this.  

Please allow 48 working hours for your sick note to be processed and ready for collection.

Collecting your sick note

When your sick note is ready you can collect it from the surgery during our opening hours or request to have it emailed to you.

Please remember to give us your email address if you want your sick note emailed to you.